Like all growing blogs, this one’s getting a bit unwieldy. To ameliorate this, I’ve organized my favorite posts for your ease of consumption. Enjoy!

Language Learning Methods and Strategies

On Choosing Which Language to Learn

Input Hypothesis: The Basics

How to Maintain Consistency and Build Strong Daily Habits

Extensive vs. Intensive Reading: How I Use Both Methods

Active vs. Passive Listening: How I Use Both to Practice Languages

Dealing with Plateaus as an Intermediate Learner

2 Tips for Reviving a Rusty Language!

How To Learn Two Languages At Once: Two Techniques!

3 Language-Learning Textbook Brands That Are Super Cool

Thoughts About Language Acquisition

Do Kids Learn Languages Easily? 2 Lesser-Known Childhood Advantages

Embracing Wanderlust

Language Learning and the Mighty Sphere Grid

Why I Don’t Want My Grammar Corrected: A Krashen-Inspired Experiment

Should Language Learners Read Translated Books or Original Works?

Dutch Project Notes (I studied Dutch intensively from September 2015 until February 2016)

Dutch Project Notes #1

Dutch Project Notes #2

Dutch Project Notes #3: One Month to Go!

Dutch Project Notes #4: Almost There!

Dutch Project Notes #5: A Conversation Partner!

The End of an Era: Wrapping Up Dutch

Self-Education for Adults

Self-Education 101: How to Teach Yourself Languages and Anything Else!

Unschooling is for Adults, Too!