Dutch Resources: A Masterlist

I’ve written at length in my Dutch Project Notes category about Dutch resources, but I thought it would be a good idea to compile them all in one place. It’s hard out there learning an “exotic” language 😛


Jeugdjournaal: News for kids. While topics are geared towards what kids might be interested in, the simpler language is really nice for intermediate-ish learners. Every evening there’s a 10 minute Avondjournaal video that I watch regularly (and five minute videos in the morning, and a 20 minute recap video Sunday evenings).

BNR Nieuwsradio: News radio station. One of the best for listening in the US, because even during the night hours in the Netherlands, the content is still mostly talk and not English-language music. They also have great podcasts!

NPO Radio 1: More news radio. Similar to BNR, but less talk radio content at night (Netherlands time).

NOS: News video and articles. I especially like the iOS app– it has short articles that are great for getting in a little reading.


Pottermore Shop: If you like Harry Potter, you can purchase ebook Dutch translations of each of the books here, regardless of whether you live in Europe or the US! (Not sure whether they’re available in all regions…). The Harry Potter books are easy to read, and if you’re familiar with the stories, they’re wonderful learning tools. Because of their easy availability through Pottermore, it’s one of the most convenient places to find Dutch reading material if you live in the US.

bol.com: If you live in the Netherlands, Bol.com is your place to buy books online. I haven’t ordered anything, however– shipping is astronomical to the US.

Project Gutenberg: Yeah, yeah, everyone talks about Project Gutenberg. Still, there are more Dutch books and translations on here than I thought, and a lot were at least written in the last century 🙂 Be wary of books older than 50-ish years old– some spellings are archaic and different.

This isn’t a resource, but I use it all the time– take a book you like, find the English Wikipedia page, switch to the Dutch translation, copy the Dutch title, and paste into Amazon. If you’re lucky, there might be a third party seller with your book! You can also try searching Dutch authors in Amazon.


Nickelodeon NL: I have to admit, I haven’t used this one in a while because they region-locked themselves. But if you can use Hola or somesuch and get past that, you get access to episodes of tons of cartoons and kids’ shows in Dutch.

Beer in het blauwe haus: The American kids’ show, Bear in the Big Blue House. I didn’t grow up with this one too much, but it’s a fun show with great music. It’s aimed at kids around 3 to 7, so the language is pretty simple.

Book Box: A YouTube channel with myths and stories read aloud in a variety of languages. They include subtitles and simple video. The quality of the videos is very high, and the simple language along with the text allows you to pick up quite a lot. The stories are also pretty well known in English-speaking cultures. This isn’t the most engaging resource, but I’ve used it plenty, so it’s here.

Podcasts that aren’t news

Echt Gebeurd: 10-ish minute podcast in which a speaker (different each time) tells a true story about themselves. I was listening to this one  a lot, and it’s very good for listening to more casual language.


VanDale: This is the best online dictionary I’ve found (granted, I was using Google Translate a little too heavily). You can search for terms monolingually (defining words in Dutch), or English-Dutch and vice versa.


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