Dutch Project Notes #4: Almost There!

Welp, it’s nearly the end of the month, and nearly the end of The Dutch Project proper. How have I been doing? Did I reach a somewhat advanced level like I said I wanted to?? Huh? Huh?

I have to be perfectly honest with y’all. I spent the first two weeks of December hardly even touching Dutch studies, let alone grinding away at the language. The mind was willing, but the flesh was weak. I let opportunity slip through my fingers.

Nevertheless, it’s not all bad news! I did end up getting back on the Dutch horse, as they say, and I am pretty well pleased with my level at the moment. I’ve been doing pretty much all the same things that I listed in Project Notes #3, but I’ve had another leap in comprehension. I’m reading a bit more news, so that’s something different. [gawrsh, it’s hard to describe learning a language.]

And even more exciting, thinking in the language has come even more naturally. I’m hoping to find a conversation partner after the holidays, and I’ll hopefully improve even more.

Yeah, you heard that right. I might keep going with Dutch in January as one of my main languages. We’ll see!

It’s weird that I can think and speak (to myself) in Dutch so easily. I guess to me, Spanish and French kind of occupy the same space in my brain, so I often supply a French word even when I’m trying to speak Spanish. (Although, when I concentrate on Spanish– immerse myself for a couple hours or so– I don’t mix things up). I also probably psyche myself out with Spanish a lot, which makes me way more nervous about speaking it– but this isn’t Spanish Project Notes! Dutch is by itself and the grammar’s also similar to English, so it’s smooth sailing there.

I’ll update again on January 1st or thereabouts. It may be the last third of December, but I’m not down and out yet!


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