Bonjour ! Hallo! السلام عليكم‎

After much (some) hemming and hawing, I’ve created this language blog to better involve myself in the language learning community. I enjoy reading blogs whose content centers on language acquisition, especially that of adults, but I noticed a sizeable gap– most of these people seem to be people-lovers, talkers, and going-out-sorts. I am not any of those things. Blogs continuously talk about how language is communication, first and foremost, and thus, we should all just get out there and talk to people! Now, I am a loner of the highest degree, and that kind of advice sounds like my worst nightmare.

I still enjoy reading those blogs, and I’ve recognized that my disagreement has to do with a difference in personality. Communication can also be through the form of text– literature, websites, even video games. I love reading, and when I read in French or Spanish, I get a deep sense of accomplishment and contentment. I collect books in far too many languages, and they serve as a huge motivation

I still aim to speak my languages when the opportunity arises, and I supplement my heavy reading with TV and radio. But I additionally advocate language learning as an ends in itself– knowledge for knowledge’s sake. This blog is for the language learners who study for the sake of study. Any other benefit is icing on the cake 🙂

Anyways, here’s a little bit about myself. I’m 25 years old and living in California. I’ve loved languages probably since I first realized that other people did not speak English. English is my native language, and I speak French, Spanish, and Italian (thought my reading knowledge in Italian is better than my speaking… a slight, fixable problem that pops up with passive learning!). I am currently actively studying Dutch, and I’ll keep this blog updated with my progress on that language. I’ve dabbled in too many languages to keep track of. I’m also considering starting another language… but we’ll see!

I hope to write posts about my language learning methods, which are heavily influenced by Khatzumoto at , although I’ve tweaked a lot over the past few years. I also want to post about issues tangential to language learning, motivation, and education in general. Keep studying!


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